Ingredients API

Status: Service operational


The Ingredients API is a fork of is-vegan with some more languages for recognition added and for our own convenience converted into PHP.

How to use

JSON End-Point

The APIs base path is and gives out a JSON response.

You can find the monitoring status page here.


The following parameters are available as of now:

parameter usage method
text transmit the ingredients list GET (as text)
ingredients transmit the ingredients list GET (as URL-parameter)

Sample request:


The header "text/plain" as well as the plain-text input has to be sent with every request, otherwise an error will be thrown.

Attention: The ingredients have to be comma and space seperated and URL-encoded if posted through the ingredients-parameter. Otherwise, the results will be erroneous.


We use standardized HTTP status codes as responses. Depending on which language you want to use to implement the API in, you may have to disable error-handling or ignore errors.

Positive response

A successful request will throw a result like this:

Please note:

Error responses

The following error responses can be expected:

Code examples


or if you want to use the brilliant library Requests for PHP: